Oscars 2019-All about CHANGE!

The Year of the Chopped Brunette Cut!

The 91st Academy Awards aired live this past week and our eyes were glued to the TV, looking for our favorite looks. The Oscars have been around for almost a century and it has always been a time for glitz and glam. This is unlike any other award show, dedicated solely to the leading movies and movie stars. This year, we were shocked at all of the major hair changes we saw on the red carpet. 

Usually, the hair changes come in Spring but apparently, everyone is tired of waiting for the warmer weather so they are bringing change in a month early. The typical color change for Spring/Summer is to go lighter and we let the hair grow out, so our jaws dropped when we saw short haircuts and dark shades. Below are some of our favorite leading ladies and the new looks they debuted at the Oscars.

 Charlize Theron

Okay, we know, she is gorgeous no matter what she does, but we were surprised either way to see her go from her signature blonde to a dark brunette. If you are a blonde looking for a big change, going dark is a sure way to have people do a double take. It is edgier and makes your eye color POP!

Gabrielle Union

The beautiful Gabrielle had already joined in on the bob trend a while back but she was ready to chop even more! She rocked her new pixie cut with confidence at the Oscars, making us all wish the bold cut could suit us just as well as it suits her. If you have a short bob and are bored, wondering what else you could possibly do for a change, consider doing a pixie cut. Ask your stylist for tips.

Kerry Washington

Another bold pixie from another beauty, but this time going from long hair to REALLY short. These short locks were meant for Kerry! If you have long hair and are looking for a drastic change not involving color, ditch the bob! Everyone is doing that now. Be daring and cut it ALL off! 

Emilia Clarke

We know her as Khaleesi, and we know Khaleesi for her platinum, long blonde locks. Emilia was blonde for a while but went back to her natural brunette hair for the Oscars. She is confirming that changing to dark and/or short cuts is the new Spring trend. Ditch the classic rules of light and long and do whatever your hair desires!


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