Review: NEW Cibu Texture Addict Dry Wax Spray!

Love it or Leave it?

CIBU recently released their newest product, a dry wax spray designed to add texture, volume and some "oomph" to your hair style. This specifically works well for short, layered bobs and lobs. I recently cut my super long hair short to above my shoulders and have been struggling to add some pizzazz to it's style so I was excited to try it out! Keep reading below for how I achieved my look and my final thoughts on the product.



1. Loose waves

After washing and blow drying my hair, I used a flat iron to add in big waves. Then, I ran my fingers through my hair to loosen the waves. Lastly, I straightened out just the ends so that the look could be more soft and natural. I hate wasting too much time on hair and makeup so I love this look because it takes a total of 10 minutes. This left my hair with the look pictured here. It was flat and frizzy which means time for PRODUCT!



2. Products Used

First, I started with a CIBU product I already love, CIBU Shine Squad Oil Mist. I sprayed 2 pumps in my hands and rubbed together, then gently added to my ends, working up to my roots and top of my head to help with fly-aways. This tamed the frizz! Then, I tried the new CIBU Texture Addict Dry Wax Spray. I sprayed 3 pumps onto my fingertips and first thing I noticed was the amazing smell! Then, I worked the product into my hair, moving towards my roots. WOW! I automatically saw the difference in my hair. It went from flat and bland to voluminous and, well, textured! I finished off with my other favorite CIBU product, Finista Flexible Finishing Spray, by lightly spraying on my ends to hold throughout the day.. 




3. Final Look and Thoughts

After I was done with all the previous steps and using the new texture product, my hair looked full and lively (pictured here). Would I recommend the Texture Addict to a friend? DEFINITELY! It was easy to use, smelled delicious and worked just like it promises. It made my lifeless hair look more stylish without adding any residue or flakes like other dry wax sprays tend to do. 





You can find all CIBU products mentioned here on our website cibuforhair.com or in any Salon Cielo, Bubbles or Hair Cuttery Salon locations. 

I hope you love the product as much as I did! Leave your reviews on the product page of our site!


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