Cibu Gym Hair Hack: How to Not Look Like You Worked Out At Lunch

New Year Resolution: WORK OUT 

OK, getting fit is not the most original resolution, but for good reason! Who doesn't want to feel better in clothes and look awesome naked? (Insert: Hand Raise Emoji)

The hardest part about getting to the gym is actually getting to the gym. Early morning is just so -- early. And what's the point of life without happy hour? 

Solution: lunch break.

How to Not Look Like You Worked Out at Lunch 

  1. Braid Hair - A simple side braid away will keep excess sweat from pooling on your forehead.
  2. Pony - Gather the end of the braid and the rest of your hair in a high pony. Secure.
  3. Sweat - WORK IT GIRL. Run, life, om -- whatever. Just get the blood pumping.
  4. Hydrate - Water is never a bad idea. Drink up.
  5. Shower - Grab your Cibu 3 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo + Body Wash (post workout tingle + anti-microbial cleansing) and a shower cap (don't get your hair wet) and hit the locker room.
  6. Powder - After your shower, use a micro-fiber towel to blot excess moisture from face, then apply pressed powder to any oily spots. 
  7. Blow Dry - Remove shower cap and use blow dryer to absorb any excess sweat left in hair 
  8. Dry Shampoo - Dry shampoo will absorb any gunk left on your head. Spray Cibu Ka-Pow Dry Shampoo throughout hair, use fingers to massage into scalp. 
  9. Brush - Use a soft bristle brush to work Dry Shampoo evenly through length of hair

BAM! You did it.

Now repeat 364 more times.

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