CIBU Does Thanksgiving with F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

Holiday Hair Inspo From Your Favorite Girl-FRIENDS!

Thanksgiving week is here! It's the time for festive dinners, loved ones, traditions, and lots of food. This is the season of love and friendship, which makes us think of the FRIENDS.Their classic Thanksgiving episodes always make us feel good and we LOVE every character - Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe. The ladies on the show all gave us hair envy with looks that are still stylish today. CIBU is here just in time to give you tips on how to get the styles of Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica to make every Thanksgiving a FRIENDSgiving!

Phoebe's Curls/Waves:

 For The One Who is No-Fuss 

We loved Phoebe for her quirky ways and her style was no different. Her natural waves weren't around long but were gorgeous! Use our Curl Magnet Curl Amplify Cream to hold your natural curls while locking in moisture. Ingredients include: Jojoba seed oil moisturizes hair and its follicles without leaving any residue, sunflower seed extract contains vital vitamins and minerals which are needed for healthy hair such as protein, selenium, vitamin E and B vitamins. This wonder product also blocks frizz. To use, work a dime-quarter size serving through towel dried hair from mid-lengths to ends; diffuse or air dry.

Rachel's Classic Volume:

For The One Who is Always on Trend

Ah, Rachel. THE Rachel. Her hair went through many phases throughout the seasons, but one thing it always had was fullness. If your natural hair is more on the straight, flat side, use our CIBU High Top Root Booster to get Rachel's volume. This spray is infused with ginseng root, which invigorates hair and adds volume. To use, spray on wet hair directly on roots 5" away from scalp and massage in with fingers; blow dry.


Monica's Sleek Shine:

For The One Who is a Perfectionist

Monica was the high-strung, compulsive friend we all wish we had. With her perfectionist personality, it was no wonder her hair was always in place and amazing. She loved her shiny, straight hair and so did we! Use CIBU Shine Squad Oil, formulated with fatty acid and vitamin E rich Argan oil, to get her look. After blow-drying or flat-ironing your hair straight, smooth 1 – 2 pumps over dry hair, concentrating on ends. 

All products mentioned can also be found at Hair Cuttery, Bubbles, and Salon Cielo locations.

So, now that your hair looks great, go eat like a Tribbiani! Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at CIBU!


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